Monday, February 13, 2006

I have again seen another cancer patient who has undergone surgical removal of the stomach. After surgery, his follow up CT and PET scan revealed lymph node enlargement probably due to metastasis. He has been to several MDs both allopathic and Alternative. He is now undergoing chemotherapy to control its spread.

He currently takes about 100 different kinds of pills for his conditions, ranging from vitamins, enzymes, homeopathic, chinese herbal medicines and even Cell therapy. Considering that he has lost his stomach, hence his desire to eat, he still has the will power to consume that amount of supplements. My only concern for him is that with this amount he's taking, he may start sacrificing his food intake.

My concern and primary focus is for him to lead a normal life with quality. What is use of taking all sort of medicines that may only cause him to lose appetite for food? What is life, if you stay in bed 24 hours a day rather than spending a few good hours with your family in a normal and happy environment?

I guess we must put things into perspective, quality or quantity? I hope I can give not only the extension of his life but also imporve the quality of life he is living.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Its so heart warming to see the very person you see and help, to be able stand up and start walking again, after being in a hospital for 2 weeks. It might not be so fantastic if not for the patient's age - 82 years old. Every doctors that for every single day that a person stays in bed, the chances of being able to walk becomes smaller and smaller.

But here, from her strength of character, she started to do what doctors would not normally encourage, since she has a very serious irregular heart rate. I wanted to help to instead of giving her more medicines, I slowly removed them one by one and monitored her progress. In a period of 1 and a half month, she is walking and dancing (her favorite past time) again.

I have helped several people who are determined to become better again, and all of them are over the retirement age. The important thing is perseverance. For without it, everything a doctor, nurse or helper will do, wont amount to anything. There are times really that even myself start to wonder what makes them want to stand up and walk again after a gruelling life. What gives them the energy and inner strength to come out of the old shell?

I guess it is our inherent instinct and that is to live! Everyone deserves a second chance, whether they were crippled from accident, suffered self inflicted injuries or chronic illnesses. So when you see someone trying to get up from a wheelchair or a bed, always put in mind, its not only about being able to stand up, its about living their lives to the fullest.