Monday, September 25, 2006

I have had the best 2 weeks so far in terms of my patients' health. Three of them are I would say, very well in terms of their overall health, 1 lung, 1 pancreatic and 1 gastric Ca, all of them in the stage 4.

Its unbelievable to see that their immune system are kicking in and tumor markers are coming down, 2 of them already have normal levels of tumor markers. Symptom-wise, 2 of them are having new worries such as electrolyte imbalance and lymph node enlargements.

The neck lymph nodes are a bit worrisome though, in the area of tumor excision and the surounding areas are all the same from previous scans. Just had a biopsy and waiting for the results. I would be devastated like the patient if it turns out to be malignant. Because, his overall health has drastically improved.

My patient with ADHD, however is another story. He's back on anti-psychotics but I think he just went to a phase of copying his classmates rather than being a behavioral problem. I hope he will soon be off that med.

Have a new patient, breast cancer without any operation or chemoradiotherapy, she's a full time alternative treatment person. I hope we can shrink the tumor in the soonest possible time. I dont really advocate a No surgery because I feel and think that the tumor load is too much to handle for any person. But we have to respect the patient's decision.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Its been a long time since I last posted. Have had a couple of patients who were previously very close to the gates of Heaven. However, as must be God's will, they are now doing quite good and free or only negligible pain.

At present, I did one session of Emotional Freedom technique AND IT DID WONDERS in fact, that even I could not believe my eyes. I will be doing more of this I think.