Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nutrition in Cancer

I just came back from seeing my patient with liver cancer who had just had a t-tube placed due to the blockage of the bile ducts. He is still weak from the surgery and the hospitalization. In fact, I felt a sense of desperation on his part, mainly because he is usually strong and up and about even after being with the liver cancer and all for the past 5 years.

I think its fantastic that this person is able to deal with it sans despair, until now. So I had to talk and coerce him to take things one at a time and give his body enough time to recover. Of course, as we age, our recovery time lengthens, what more if he has cancer.

What was striking was the fact that one of his doctors told him he can only have 3 eggs /week!! I was aghast!!! He is a vegetarian so where else aside from beans can he get the necessary protein? Eggs have one of the most complete set of nutrition that is easily available. He doesn't have high cholesterol, my god, he is suffering from malnutrition.

I wish that the doctors will re evaluate their philosophies (note not knowledge coz most physicians aren't well versed in nutrition) and update the current thinking with real hard facts.

I remember a patient told me that his pediatrician told her to stop taking omega 3 oil because she was breast feeding (another jaw opener) My reply was, if thats the case, then why in the world is Omega 3 specifically DHA incorporated in infants' formula?

My wish is that at least the doctors will start reading rather than listening to med reps!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Passed away

I am totally shocked right now, knowing that one of my patients had just passed away. He was just hospitalized for pneumonia but apparently, things got worse than better. I was already looking forward of seeing him again, after his wife called and told me that he was looking to see me too!

His condition was bad, having liver cancer but no metastasis to other organs at that point in time. He was, I would deduce a good chance of surviving for at least 2 years without any pain or complications. Looking back now, I still feel and think of the same assessment. I guess I forgot to include his overall outlook in life. He was a bit bitter and angry for the past events of his life.

We were going to that point of dealing his emotions, but things got worse day by day, to the point that he was hospitalized.

As previously posted, I am really apprehensive of cancer patients going to the hospitals due to the fact that their immune system is totally shot if not non-existent. Definitely, the case here exemplify this scenario AGAIN.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Its been a slow week for me, and therefore more time to read and reflect really. I feel as if our Creator has told me to slow down for a moment and think about what I have done right and WRONG. Most especially the wrong part.

I remember a quote from someone saying like: "To make a right decision requires experience, and to gain experience is to make the wrong decision."

Ouch, I wish it would be that easy if it were not for the life of a person on the line, however I have yet to see a major blunder and I really am very careful what I do and give my patients.

My liver cancer patients are slowly coming back to life ( I really hope so) I will see them this week or the next, following their hospitalization, one for pneumonia, the other for tube placement (his bile ducts were obstructed due to the tumor, despite the fact that we were already seeing regression of the tumor from the outside) Well, you cant get every tumor all at the same time.

But I am optimistic that the treatment we are doing will continually and without interruptions, make the tumors with a BIG S, will gradually go away PERMANENTLY!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

As of late, I think I am now in a low-level of enthusiasm, I dont know why? Is this transference, burn-out, boredom or a combination?

I know I have to keep up with the knowledge but lately I feel I'm not even a bit interested, wonder why?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bile duct obstruction

I just got one patient who just had jaundice, as it turned out, the bile ducts (the tubes that secretes bile) was obstructed by the tumor.

It was so disappointing since when I started the homeopathics, the tumor was already shrinking.

But because of his having difficulty sleeping, the tumor grew back and bigger this time I hope I can do soemthing more

We'll see