Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another one bites the dust

As i write this entry, my patient of 3 yrs whom I have had a wonderful time being with is slowly passing away, entering the kingdom of Heaven awaited by all his loved ones.

Its very difficult for me to see him in distress, much more to see the agonizing slowness of draining of the very life of him.

I remember my school days where the doctors tell us to keep a certain distance so that we wont be too much affected and therefore objectivity is maintained. Well, tell that to someone else, coz its really hard for me, especially for this patient who has showed me what generosity really means.

As he passes away, I look now into the future and begin another chapter in my little small insignificant life, compared to the life he will have.

Its hard to say goodbye, especially if until on their death bed, they expect you to bring them back to life.

So my friend, My Good bye to you, see you again in the next life. I will miss you so much

Friday, June 20, 2008

Passed away

After battling and surviving 7 years with liver cancer, he has passed away quietly. All the doctors told him when he was first diagnosed with cancer that he will die within 6 months.

He celebrated his 7th yr anniversary of the diagnosis with vigor and enthusiasm of making it for another 7 years.

But at last, God may have other plans for him.

I salute you my friend, see you again in the next life!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

End of days

Its heart-rendering time for me. Both my patients with cancer are slowly losing their grip with life.

Each of them clinging now in their death beds, wanting only peace now, but only to face the fear of death.

How do we as doctors, family, friends comfort them what is past this life, if we ourselves have no inkling what is it all about?