Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burned and fried to a crisp

Last week, I saw a patient who had inflammatory breast cancer, she was given radiotherapy and chemotherapy. No surgery was performed. After a year of the treatment, the cancer seems to be in remission.

However, the sad part is due to the high doses of chemo and radiotherapy, her whole left arm is now completely paralyzed with decreased sensations.

I am quite impressed at this mother of 3, who is still smiling and doesn't really seem to be very much affected with her condition. I guess, at least she's still alive and not in pain.

I hope we can bring some movements back to her arm!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crazy Blogging

Was up all night reading this. It shows us the degradation of our society as a whole!

Good luck to all of us.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pig brain

I just came from a lecture on "new" treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases. New in the sense that he is advocating the use of neurolipids. whats new about it is that he suggest using pig brain. I dont contest that since it does make sense coz brain has a lot of the lipids you need.
Hmmmm... come to think of it the chinese eat lots of brain from animals. I think Indians also eat this delicacy.
Problem is where do you get a good source of the brain, with all the hog raisers using feeds rich in antibiotics and hormones.

Maybe wild boars will be in again.

So pig brain sausages anyone?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Close call

I was at the hospital yesterday. The patient with gastric cancer check himself to the hospital because he was so weak and in pain. His abdomen was so tense, must be due to the tumor obstruction in the rectum. 
When I saw him, he was really having a hard time I could see. He hasn't slept for days because of it. I felt so helpless I couldn't do anything for him. I did some body process anyway, and prayed for the best.

This morning, his brother called me and bring me NEWS...

He was sleeping already.

During colonoscopy, they saw the stent that was placed had an obstruction to it, food particles and fibers. So upon clearing it out, he passed all the stools that were there in his colon.\

I'm so happy and relieved to hear the GREAT NEWS!!!

In a jiffy

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful and smart lady who unfortunately was diagnosed to have depression.

She graduated from college last year but apparently was already having depression. She was given antidepressants for 6 months but mom noted she was just going "crazier."

I tried to communicate with her, she was either bored or really in a depressed mood, though I do sense she is very smart.

After I tried to pry open her real thoughts and feelings, apparently it boiled down to confusion brought about by the conflicts on her religious beliefs that were inculcated into her during her college days.

So I did Body process, and within 2 minutes, she was already twitching, kicking and arching her back like crazy. The mom who was also there started to cry (dont know why?). In 30 mins, a change started to appear, she started to smile and laugh at the slightest things.

Mom was so happy and commented that it was the first time since last year, she saw her laugh.

I felt humbled that I was given this opportunity to bring this person back to who she really IS.

How can it get better than this?


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Touching words

I had the pleasure of meeting a 67 year old mother who certainly looked younger than  her age.
She came to me because she had several mass on the pancreas and liver. 
It did looked like she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

The family have decided she not undergo biopsy or chemotherapy, however I asked her one question, which was "what do you want to do?" There was a pause for she hadn't made up her mind whether she wanted to do biopsy or not.

I told her that ultimately it must be your decision she is the master of her life not the family members
eventhough they are just looking out for her.

After we had the discussion on what she can do, while making the decision to do biopsy, she made a remark that really touched me.

She said, "I already feel better just talking to you?"

How can it get better than that?

What are the infinite possibilities for her to be healed of this condition?