Saturday, January 31, 2015

Insulin vs glycemic index

Now we know why aside from carbohydrates, meat specifcally beef amd fish arent so good for diabetics and cancer patients.

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Paleo Diets May Negate Benefits of Exercise

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Paleo Diet May Negate Benefits of ExerciseBy:Michael Greger M.D.

Much of the low carb and paleo reasoning revolve around insulin. To quote one random blogger, “carbohydrates increase insulin, the root of all evil when it comes to dieting and health.” So because carbs increase insulin we should stick mostly to meat, which is fat and protein—no carbs, so no increase in insulin, right? Wrong. We’ve known for half a century that if you give someone just a steak, no carbs, no sugar, no starch, and their insulin goes up. Carbs make your insulin go up, but so does protein.

In 1997 an insulin index of foods was published, ranking 38 foods on which stimulates higher insulin levels. What do you think causes a larger insulin spike, a large apple and all its sugar, a cup of oatmeal packed with carbs, a cup and a half of white flour pasta, a big bunless burger—no carbs at…

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Led for skin cancer

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Msm vit d3 silver magnesium protocol

Medical marijuana protect brain cells from traum

Black salve – graphic account

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Here’s a graphic account – with photos – of what can be achieved using black salve

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Medicinal Herb Calendula And Its Therapeutic Benefits For Breast Cancer

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Calendula For Breast Cancer Complementary TherapyBy: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Calendula blossom oil is a renowned, herbalist remedy for keeping breast tissue healthy. Using a Calendula hydrosol spray or using Calendula as a massage oil is known to excel at preventing, and with patience, possibly removing adhesions and scar tissue, even keloid scars. Keloid scars are the raised, hard scars with irregular edges which can be painful. Calendula also helps with post surgical adhesions, which differ from scar tissue and keloids. are bands of scar tissue that bind together. Calendula essential oil hydrosol spray is used to treat and lessen radiation-induced pain. It can vastly improve skin damaged by radiation. Some additional ways to use Calendula include herbal oils, salves and lip balm.

Calendula Herbal Oil

This medicinal oil is simple to prepare and has so many uses. The gentle, soothing, and healing oil is perfect for cradle cap, diaper rash, chapped or chafed skin…

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Green tea ingredient may target protein to kill oral cancer cells

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A compound found in green tea may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone, according to Penn State food scientists. The research could lead to treatments for oral cancer, as well as other types of cancer.

Earlier studies had shown that epigallocatechin-3-gallate—EGCG—a compound found in green tea, killed oral cancer cells without harming normal cells, but researchers did not understand the reasons for its ability to target the cancer cells, said Joshua Lambert, associate professor of food science and co-director of Penn State’s Center for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health. The current study shows that EGCG may trigger a process in the mitochondria that leads to cell death.

“EGCG is doing something to damage the mitochondria and that mitochondrial damage sets up a cycle causing more damage and it spirals out, until the cell undergoes programmed cell death,” said Lambert. “It looks like…

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Only Hyperthermia clinic in the South East Asia

Heaven and health spa is the only place that truly has the whole range of hyperthermia equipments both for local and whole body treatments.

Proud of the people esp Mr Ari and Mrs Darlene Idan who makes sure that the people are well-taken cared of.

Heaven and health spa

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