Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humbling Experience

I just came from a lecture by a Chinese Prof. who has a cancer hospital in China (Fuda Cancer hospital). What is strange, was it didn't use therapies from China, but rather technologies from the USA. They have cryoablation, photodynamic therapies, dendritic cell vaccines, immunotherapy as well as chemoablation.

They claimed to have a very good success rate in increasing survival. Patients from all over have come to this hospital in Guangzhuo.

From the website, you will see some video clips of news programs about their successes especially on the patient with a large neurofibroma.

All I can say is, Prof. Xue is a brave man who will not back down on any case as long as he thinks its doable. I'm sure a lot of his colleagues would have disagreed with some of his decision to operate.

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