Friday, February 06, 2015

Churning Wide Angle Flow Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer

Originally posted on Breast Cancer Authority:

A long term tool to aid in a full breast cancer recovery is a steady yoga practice. The cumulative effect will help restore health and promote a positive sense of well being, in the present moment and well into the future. Start slowly and gradually increase time spent in the yoga poses as well as ultimately adding more poses. It is also important to know that stiffness and tightness will come and go for a while but continue to commit to yourself and your yoga practice. This Churning Wide Angle Flow is a wonderful pose to add to your recovery yoga practice.


  • Deepens breath with each flowing movement

  • Stretches hamstrings

  • Allows the spine to relax and lengthen

  • Creates a deep sense of peace

  • Stimulates parasympathetic relaxation response

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Decreases heart rate

  • Reduces circulating stress hormones

  • Twisting and cleansing effect on liver and internal organs

  • Stretches side body obliques

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