Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vegetable Pie Recipe For A Cancer Free Lifestyle Diet

Originally posted on Breast Cancer Authority:

Vegan Vegetable Pie Recipe For Cancer Free Life StyleBy: Neeva Kedem, Founder of Never Meat Again.
If you like pies, you must know that almost all the truly amazing pies are based, somehow, on dairy cheese. Or eggs. Or both… too bad, but no worries! Now that we have such a creamy, super-delicious vegan cheese that is based on a 100% vegan super-food (yey! cashew!!), we can achieve even better results with our pies!

Please don’t be concerned with the cashew’s fat as it is a healthy fat that your body needs in order to maintain a healthy body weight (you read that well!); cashew provides you with valuable nutrients that may save you from disease. It will protect your heart like a good guard! Cashew cheese is healthy, tasty, creamy and simply amazing!

This pie is SO good that it might disappear too soon… (someone said it taste like more??) so just think about it: healthy…

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