Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Panic attack!

I recently got wind of an Naturopathic doctor who was diagnosed with cancer. What was remarkable to note was that this doctor TOTALLY I mean TOTALLY abhors chemotherapy and isn't afraid of sticking that opinion to the patients. The doctor would even reprimand short of cursing them why did they undergo chemotherapy.

I guess the Universe is giving the doctor a closer look at death. Diagnosed to have cancer, went to the United States for chemotherapy. Whoa that was very surprising to us the very least.

When your life is on the line, you try everything including the kitchen sink cleaners if you have to, just to eradicate the cancer and survive the onslaught.

I feel its very important not to tell the patients what they should or shouldn't do. We must make it clear that we guide them not tell them. It has to be THEIR choice, we just give our opinion on whats the best possible options.


Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD said...

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Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

Anonymous said...

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